PSI Online Exams Guide

Your ultimate guide to PSI exams in 2023: From real estate to aviation

When it comes to obtaining a professional certification, whether in real estate, aviation, or various industrial fields, one common hurdle stands out: passing the right exam. PSI exams, administered by PSI, a leading provider of both in-person and online proctored exams, have become synonymous with professional qualification across many sectors.

Understanding the specifics of the psi exams you're about to take can be the key to unlocking your next career opportunity. Here's your comprehensive guide to the PSI Online Exams in 2023.

Explore the different PSI exams

PSI caters to diverse industries by offering specific exams that adhere to governmental or occupational licensing requirements. Some popular PSI exams include:

  • FAA Exams: Over 60 variations are required by the FAA for pilots, mechanics, etc.
  • PSI Real Estate Exam: Essential for acquiring a real estate broker's or salesperson's license.
  • PSI Industry Skills Tests: Certifications for real estate brokers, MRT technicians, gas technicians, architects, and more.
  • PSI Cosmetology Exam: A stepping stone for aspiring Cosmetologists.
  • PSI Insurance Exams: Comprehensive testing across the fifty states for insurance industry professionals.
  • Leadership Tests: Assessments to evaluate the leadership capabilities of candidates.

PSI exams – Taking control of your online & assessment center proctored testing

Wondering how the PSI online proctored exam works? It's a flexible option, allowing candidates to connect through the internet with a computer equipped with a webcam. Your identity is verified, your workspace inspected, and throughout the PSI remote online proctored exam, monitoring ensures the integrity of the process.

Dive into PSI industry-specific tests

Different sectors require unique assessments. Here's a closer look at some specific PSI exams:

  • PSI FAA Exams: Providing over 60 different FAA certification tests, including the FAA Airman Knowledge Test. Prepare the right tools and be ready for the multiple-choice format.
  • PSI Real Estate Exam: Comprising multiple-choice questions on real estate law and professional responsibilities, with varying exam lengths and question counts.
  • PSI Industry Skills Test: Tailored tests for various fields like diving, electrical work, and gas technology.
  • PSI Cosmetology Exam: An essential 100-question exam for aspiring cosmetologists, taking 90-120 minutes to complete.
  • PSI Insurance Exams: Multiple-choice questions focusing on insurance practices, laws, and ethics.

Navigating personality & behavioral exams with PSI

Whether it's the PSI Behavioral/Personality test or the renowned Caliper Talogy Assessment, understanding the specific test you will be undertaking is crucial. These exams often include both behavioral and cognitive sections, assessing mathematical and logical skills.

Conquering the PSI cognitive exam

With PSI's variety of cognitive exams like the Basic Skills Test and Employee Aptitude Survey, preparation is key. Familiarize yourself with the logical, verbal, and mathematical skills needed for your specific exam.

Leading the way with PSI leadership tests

Designed to pinpoint the right candidates for management levels, PSI's leadership tests form a rapid and effective online personality assessment test.

Ensuring public safety with PSI public safety & FireFighter Candidate assessment (FCA)

As the main provider for several public safety positions, PSI's tests ensure the qualifications of potential candidates, including emergency dispatchers and FDNY firefighter candidates.

How can help you master PSI exams? is your ultimate platform for practice aptitude tests that mirror the psi exams used by recruiters. Our experts offer years of experience in occupational psychology, crafting the most accurate practice tests available online.

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In today's competitive landscape, acing your psi exams could be the decisive factor in distinguishing yourself from other candidates. With our tailored PSI exam preparation packages, you'll prepare optimally, setting yourself up for success.

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EDPT Test Preparation Package

The EDPT Test Preparation Package consists of the following test elements: EDPT Abstract Reasoning tests, Mental Arithmetic tests, Number Sequences tests, ...
  • 58 Tests
  • 1142 Questions
  • One-off payment