Pass the Walmart Assessment Guide

How to answer the Walmart assessment test and actually secure a Walmart career

When it comes to embarking on a Walmart career, the key hurdle that many aspirants face is the Walmart Retail Associate Assessment (RAA). This isn't just a test; it's the gateway to various hourly positions at Walmart, like cashier, personal shopper, front end, and order filler.

Besides the RAA, Walmart administers other assessments like the Teaming Employment Assessment (TEA) for team leads, and Manager Employment Assessment (MEA) for management roles.

The path to a Walmart career isn't about rushing into the assessment. Practice and preparation are key. Here's why:

  • You have to pass ALL the sections to get the Walmart career you want.
  • There's no one-size-fits-all answer; the best responses depend on the position.
  • Walmart analyzes your test beyond the answers you provide.
  • So, let's dive into a comprehensive overview of the four test sections and unveil what Walmart expects from you.

Understanding the Walmart assessment test

The Walmart assessment test, specifically the Hourly Retail Associate Assessment, screens candidates for hourly positions. While some online resources may provide insights, heed this caution:

  • Don't base your answers on intuition or common sense; the test requires specific responses.
  • Your position defines the "right" answer; what works for one role may not for another.
  • Consistency and reliability in your answers matter, as Walmart scrutinizes them closely.
  • Failure means waiting six long months to retest.

The assessment includes four diverse sections:

  1. Work with Customers/Members and Associates 
  2. Handle Customer/Member Transactions 
  3. Tell Us Your Story
  4. Describe Your Approach.

Now, let's explore the particulars of these sections.

#1 Work with customers/members and associates

This Situational Judgment Test (SJT) will provide various Retail Associate scenarios. Your task? Select the appropriate responses for each situation.

#2 Handle customer/member transactions

In this segment, handling cash accurately and promptly is the game. The less time you take, the better you score, reflecting the real demands of a Walmart career.

#3 Tell us your story

Here, share your work background or, if you lack experience, your academic achievements. Though it seems benign, Walmart uses this as an essential screening tool, so take it seriously.

#4 Describe your approach

A 27-question personality test awaits you here, focusing on your work style and job suitability. Remember, consistency is key, and working swiftly may be advantageous.

What's the required score for a Walmart career?

The Walmart assessment isn't merely pass/fail. Behind-the-scenes scores like Poor, Good, Competitive, and Excellent determine your fate.

  • A poor score in any section means failing the entire assessment.
  • Even if you're shown a pass, you may still have failed.
  • Many wait for the call that never comes, only realizing later that they've failed.

But don’t despair. Scoring high in every section will bring that Walmart career closer.

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