How to Pass Cubiks Aptitude Tests?

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What Is a Cubiks Aptitude Test?

Cubiks aptitude tests are exercises designed by the test publisher Cubiks. The test usually consists of a series of questions that may be related to numerical, verbal and diagrammatic spheres; depending on the job position the test is being conducted for. Some companies may prefer using these tests in their assessment centers to evaluate the reasoning ability and skills of the candidates and to select the ones that are the most suited for the vacant job positions. The tests are usually conducted online and timed.

Passing Cubiks Aptitude Tests

There are different types of aptitude tests that are designed by Cubiks. A knowledge of the type of tests that will be administered to you in the assessment center can help you to become aware of all the aspects related to the test. Using this information, you can prepare for the tests and pass them. The aptitude tests that are available from Cubiks may either be standalone or a combination of multiple tests.

The combined tests are made use of for testing the general skills and abilities of individuals. There are two categories of these tests.

  • Logiks General – Intermediate

The Logiks General - Intermediate tests are usually short and simple. The tests usually consist of three different sections with a total of 50 questions. The first section is verbal reasoning that consists of twenty-four questions. The second section is numerical reasoning with 16 questions and the third section is abstract reasoning with 10 questions. Every question in each of these sections is usually followed by five options and you will have to choose the correct one out of these. The Logiks General tests are usually timed and you are assigned 12 minutes to answer the test completely. The time may be equally divided among all the sections with each of them being assigned 4 minutes. The questions in the test are usually easy to answer but it is the timing of the test that makes taking it challenging. Regular practice will help you build up your speed of answering the tests and ensure that you will complete maximum number of questions within the given time.

  • Logiks General – Advanced

The Logiks General advanced level test has a similar structure to the intermediate test, but the level of difficulty of questions is higher. The test is usually divided into three sections – verbal, numerical and abstract with a total of 30 questions. The total time duration of which you will have to complete the test is usually 20 minutes which can be divided among the different sections. The verbal section usually consists of 12 questions that have to be answered in 8 minutes. On the other hand, there are 8 questions given in the numerical section with a total time of 8 minutes allotted to complete them. The abstract section has 10 questions that should be attempted in 4 minutes. The questions in the verbal section have passages along with four different answer options, the numerical sections questions have six different answer options, and the abstract section have five different answer options. The time duration allowed for the advanced test may be generous, but the level of difficulty may also be higher. You should be well-versed with the different topics the test may have questions from to ace it.

Moreover, some business organizations may make use of standalone versions of the tests for a more comprehensive testing approach, if needed.

  • Logiks Verbal Advanced

For role positions that require prowess in cognition and comprehension abilities of the potential employees, the Logiks verbal tests are used. The test usually consists of 36 questions each of which may have a paragraph or a passage whose content may either be general or related to the job position. Upon following the text, a query may be posed. There may be four different answer options given, and you may be asked to choose the one which is correct. The question may be related to what was represented in the text, the subject of the text or what was not present in the text. To ace it, you should read through the given paragraph thoroughly and deduce the answer. The time limit for the test is usually 25 minutes, and you will have to attempt a maximum number of questions in this time duration. Solving practice verbal tests and sample questions daily may help you improve your comprehension and cognitive skills as well as build up your speed in solving these questions.

  • Logiks Numerical Advanced

The Logiks Numerical aptitude test is used for testing the mathematical skills of the candidates. These tests may be used for job position related to accounting and finance or those that require you to have good mathematical skills. There are usually 20 questions given in the test followed by six answer options. You have to choose the correct answer option based on the information in the given question. There are different types of questions posed in the Logiks numerical tests, including those related to percentages, ratios, and finances. Some of the questions may even have graphs and tables from which you will have to deduce the answer. Solving sample questions will build your skill in them. You will have to solve all the given questions within 25 minutes and so regular practice may help you achieve the required speed.

  • Logiks Abstract Advanced

The Logiks abstract tests are usually made use of to analyze the logical thinking and decision-making capabilities of individuals. These tests typically have 30 questions that are based on the inductive reasoning style. In each question, there will be a set of figures given whereas each will deviate slightly from the previous in accordance with a pattern. You have to deduce the flow of pattern and find the next figure that might fit the given set by selecting the appropriate one from the given answer choices. There is a total of fifteen minutes allocated for solving all the given questions.

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