ARUP Test Guide

Unravelling the rich tapestry of the renowned British design and engineering firm, Arup, one can't help but be captivated by its legacy and vision. Established in 1946, this eminent company boasts iconic global projects, offering a diverse range of career opportunities and a meticulous application process.

A beacon of innovation in design, planning, and engineering, Arup's footprint spans across 140 countries. Their projects stand as testament to their prowess—whether it's the majestic sails of the Sydney Opera House, the panoramic views from the Shard, or the awe-inspiring rotation of the London Eye.

The company's core philosophy is deeply ingrained in every venture. Upholding values that emphasize innovation, endurance, and quality, Arup has fostered an environment of inclusivity, openness, and diversity. Be it in civil engineering, digital consultancy, or project management, opportunities abound, including graduate programs, internships, and apprenticeships. Spread across 33 nations, its 16,000-strong workforce revels in collaborative endeavours and the freedom to grow professionally.

Setting foot in Arup: The three-step application journey

Do you want to join the Arup family? Their application process is systematic yet engaging:

  1. Online application: Embark on the journey by presenting your credentials.
  2. Aptitude tests: Evaluate your situational judgment and values.
  3. Virtual sssessment centre: Showcase your expertise in an immersive environment.

Once a position piques your interest, begin with the online application. It's more than just filling in details—it's about expressing your passion for the role, articulating your motivation to be part of Arup, and conveying what sets you apart. A word to the wise: If you're eyeing the early career programs, ensure your sole application reflects your utmost passion and alignment.

  • Arup's aptitude tests:Venture beyond traditional knowledge-based evaluations with Arup's Situational Judgment Test. It's designed to gauge your inherent values and behavioural tendencies. With an emphasis on teamwork and diversity, it's essential to be attuned to Arup's ethos. Remember, authenticity is key. For optimal performance, familiarize yourself with the test's structure and dynamics.
  • Similar to psychometric testing: Much like the psychometric tests recruiters use to gauge candidate aptitude and temperament, Arup's application journey is designed to understand the holistic potential of an applicant. By simulating real-world scenarios, it filters out those who resonate with Arup's core values and ethos, ensuring a seamless fit into the company's diverse and innovative culture.

Engaging with Arup virtually

With the digital era in full swing, Arup's assessment centre is now entirely online, ensuring a holistic evaluation. It consists of:

  1. Individual written task: A role-relevant case study challenges you to craft solutions.
  2. Group exercise: Collaborate on a task, letting your teamwork skills shine.
  3. Interview: Engage in a competency-based dialogue, providing insights into your skills and experiences.

To thrive in the interview, a deep understanding of your CV, coupled with a grasp of Arup's recent activities, will serve you well. It's not just about the answers but the stories and experiences you share.

Joining Arup is not merely about securing a job—it's about becoming part of a legacy. So, as you tread the path of the application process, remember to stay authentic, align with the company's values, and embrace the journey. After all, with Arup, you're not just building structures, but also shaping the future.

At, we're dedicated to helping candidates like you navigate such journeys confidently. With tailored practice aptitude tests, insights, and feedback, we ensure you're well-prepared to leave an indelible mark. Always remember, preparation and practice can amplify your chances exponentially. So, gear up and let your potential shine through!

Job Application Training & Interview Questions + Answers

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    * How do you present yourself? And how do you make an elevator pitch?

    * How do you best behave during role plays? What are the tricks to help you do this?

    * What does your posture say during a conversation?

    * How do you use the star method?

    * What is AIDA?

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