Allen & Overy Test Guide

When you're aiming for a role at a top-tier international law firm like Allen & Overy, it's essential to be prepared in every facet of the application process. Similar to how recruiters use psychometric tests to gauge a candidate's aptitude and fit, Allen & Overy has its specialized hiring process to ensure they select the crème de la crème.

In this guide, we delve into what it takes to succeed in the Allen & Overy assessment process, ensuring that you're not just another applicant, but the best fit for the firm's esteemed legacy. Operating in over 40 countries, Allen & Overy's impact in the legal realm is undeniable. With its strategic headquarters in London, it serves as a beacon of excellence, offering legal services across diverse sectors. Its workforce, a whopping 5,500+ worldwide, showcases a blend of tenacity, innovation, and creativity. Earning accolades from the Financial Times and associations with over 80% of Forbes top 100 public companies is just a testament to their unparalleled service.

Choosing a career with Allen & Overy is not just about the work but also about growth, flexibility, and a commitment to diversity. As a potential candidate, knowing this sets the foundation for your application process.

The application process & aptitude tests

Every journey at Allen & Overy starts with the first step: the online application. Tailored responses, precision, and attention to detail are paramount when filling out your past work and educational experiences. Moreover, two application questions require a unique touch, demanding relevance and clarity.

Following a meticulous application, candidates embark on a 20-minute video-based assessment journey. This immersive experience is Allen & Overy's way of evaluating how candidates resonate with real-world situations. The video assessment is three-pronged:

  1. Situational judgment questions: Here, candidates are presented with realistic scenarios, challenging them to showcase their decision-making prowess and team dynamics.
  2. Verbal reasoning questions: Candidates' analytical skills are put to the test with passages spanning various themes. Quick comprehension and logical inference are key.
  3. Numerical reasoning questions: Emphasizing the importance of numbers, this segment demands candidates to demonstrate adeptness in interpreting graphs, charts, and other data formats.

To give applicants an edge, A&O offers a sneak peek with a free example video assessment.

The assessment day and situational interview

Those who excel in the video assessments are granted the golden ticket: an invitation to the Allen & Overy Assessment Day. This pivotal day comprises two distinct interviews:

  1. HR-Style interview: A one-on-one (or with a panel) to gauge your motivation, alignment with the firm's ethos, and overall fit for the role.
  2. Case study interview: Dive deep into a commercial case, crafting a presentation for the interviewer. It's a race against time, assessing commercial awareness, and the ability to handle pressure.

Sample case studies range from regulatory issues, acquisitions in foreign countries, to fraud allegations. They demand a blend of legal expertise and real-world application. In the concluding leg of the interview process, candidates sit with both a partner and HR representatives. The situational interview is a treasure trove of hypothetical scenarios, assessing aptitude, motivation, and the vision for a legal career at Allen & Overy.

Potential questions might revolve around dealing with tampered evidence, navigating public image during high-profile disputes, and cross-border transactional challenges. The interview's core aim? To understand how you'd uphold Allen & Overy's core values of integrity, quality, teamwork, and innovation.

Your next steps and the road ahead

Allen & Overy prides itself on its swift and constructive feedback. Regardless of the outcome, candidates receive valuable insights into their performance. But remember, like mastering psychometric tests, acing Allen & Overy’s assessment demands preparation. Familiarizing yourself with their process and ethos is the first step in a fruitful legal career at this esteemed institution. For further details and insights, be sure to visit our Allen & Overy package page. Remember, preparation and self-awareness are your allies in this journey.

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