Airbus Test Guide

The aviation industry, as dynamic and exciting as it is, looks for individuals who not only have a flair for the technical but also possess a global outlook and leadership potential. Airbus, a stalwart in this sector, sets a gold standard when it comes to scouting for such talent. Their assessment procedure is meticulously designed to ensure they find the right fit. In the vast blue yonder of the Airbus career skyline, do you see yourself soaring? Let’s delve into what awaits you in the Airbus assessment process.

The Airbus International Graduate Programme (IGP) is like that crucial first flight for budding aviators. If you're a digital aficionado with a zest to learn and collaborate, and if the idea of globe-trotting as your career takes off appeals to you, then this might be your runway.

Clear skies ahead: The Airbus application journey

The Airbus application journey begins with an online application, serving as your digital introduction to the company. This is followed by psychometric tests designed to thoroughly evaluate your cognitive abilities. The process culminates at the assessment centre, marking the final stage before you are officially onboarded, symbolizing your successful integration into the Airbus team.

  1. Situational judgment tests: Imagine you're cruising at 35,000 feet and come across unexpected air pockets. How you navigate through them determines a smooth flight. The Airbus Situational Judgement Test is somewhat similar. It's a scenario-based evaluation where you're given real-life workplace situations and you need to decide the best possible course of action.
  2. Numerical reasoning tests: In the world of aviation, numbers are paramount. From altitude to airspeed, it's all about precision. The Airbus numerical reasoning test assesses your aptitude for data analysis through graphs, percentages, and tables. Remember, it's not just about getting the right numbers but also interpreting them correctly under time constraints.
  3. Verbal reasoning tests: Clear communication ensures safe flights. Airbus verbal reasoning tests evaluate your proficiency in understanding and interpreting information. Reading through paragraphs, you'll have to discern their truth, falsehood, or ambiguity. It's a timed test that also assesses your analytical and linguistic prowess.

What to expect?

  • Airbus group exercise: Teamwork is the backbone of any successful flight mission. This exercise assesses your collaborative skills and your equilibrium between leadership and contribution.
  • Airbus presentation and case study: Think of this as your pre-flight briefing. You'll be presented with business topics, often in the form of a case study, which you'll need to analyze and present. While time might be a constraint, prior knowledge about Airbus and its business operations can be your co-pilot here.

Much like aids candidates in acing job interviews and aptitude tests, a well-strategized preparation can steer you smoothly through the Airbus assessment. Regular practice, especially under timed conditions, can bolster your confidence and accuracy.

Remember, in today's high-flying job market, distinguishing yourself is pivotal. With the right preparation and mindset, you can ensure your career with Airbus takes off on the right trajectory. Safe flying!

Job Application Training & Interview Questions + Answers

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    * And how do you make sure you communicate your weaknesses best?

    * How do you present yourself? And how do you make an elevator pitch?

    * How do you best behave during role plays? What are the tricks to help you do this?

    * What does your posture say during a conversation?

    * How do you use the star method?

    * What is AIDA?

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