Clerical Aptitude Test

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61 tests 1140 questions

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Clerical Aptitude Test

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61 tests 1140 questions

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What is a Clerical Aptitude Test?

Our tailor-made and hand-picked Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package, created by our team of business psychologists and psychometric test experts, consists of 61 tests with  1140 questions in total! It includes the following elements:

The Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package consists of:

  • Clerical Numerical Reasoning:12 Clerical Numerical Reasoning test, amounting to 240 questions in total
  • Clerical Number Sequences: 18 tests with a total of 450 questions!
  • Clerical Verbal Reasoning: 13 Verbal Reasoning Tests giving you 156 questions to solve!
  • Situational Judgment Test: 12 Tests, amounting to 204 questions!
  • Error checking Test: 6 tests and over 90 questions!

Clerical aptitude tests are equipped to assess a candidate’s proficiency at clerical and administrative tasks. The common line in defining clerical work and what makes it irreplaceable is that it is the foundation upon which an office runs efficiently and productively. Clerical and administrative skills are vital, useful, and useable for anyone who works in a professional environment.

Clerical worker job roles include but are not limited to secretarial duties, data entry positions, administrative assistants, financial administration, office support, and office manager. Nevertheless, clerical work is also a subset of employees’ administrative duties, indicating that being proficient in clerical duties comes in handy.

So you may be wondering, what is asked of me during a clerical aptitude test? The most common elements found in clerical aptitude tests are Clerical Numerical Reasoning, Clerical Verbal Reasoning, Clerical Error checking proficiency, and Clerical Situational Judgment Tests.

What do Clerical Aptitude Tests consist of?

Clerical Numerical Reasoning Test

The Clerical Numerical Reasoning component of the Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package includes the following tests:

  • Clerical Numerical Reasoning: 12 tests amounting to 240 questions.
  • Clerical Number Sequences: 18 tests 450 questions

Numerical Reasoning assessment tests are developed to rate candidates based on number operations, ranging from simple and basic arithmetic to a more advanced level of logical reasoning and critical thinking. Numerical reasoning is indispensable in the information age and can be seen as a quintessential hard skill. Even though we have a calculator in our pocket in the form of a mobile phone, being able to provide sharp and accurate estimates to implicit or explicit mathematical questions will give you a professional advantage.

In the Clerical Numerical Reasoning Assessment Test, your cognitive capabilities with regards to arithmetic, fractions and percentages, financial arithmetic, number sequences and patterns, and logical interpretation of numerical arrays and tables of data are assessed. Clerical Numerical Reasoning tests are commonly seen as being “number-savvy” tests. As Clerical Reasoning Tests are time-capped, they are also often typified as “speed tests”. These tests are equipped to assess basic numerical ability and do not allow the use of calculators. In our Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package, we provide you with 12 Clerical Numerical Reasoning test, amounting to 240 questions in total.

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free Numerical Reasoning test questions of our numerical reasoning practice tests:

Most certainly in a Clerical Aptitude Test, you will also come across Clerical Number Sequences which are commonly referred to as ‘number smart’ and ‘speed tests’ to test basic arithmetic skills.

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, take the FREE Number Sequences Test with 10 questions and see how you rank against other candidates! Click on the provided link above or the image below.

 Clerical Verbal Reasoning 

The Verbal Reasoning component of the Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package includes the following tests:

  • Verbal Reasoning: 13 tests with 156 questions.

Verbal Reasoning tests are standardized psychometric assessment tests that will provide your employer with data about your general verbal aptitude and verbal intelligence. These tests are designed to assess your verbal comprehension and they test your verbal rationale through analyzing verbal concepts and constructs. Acing the verbal reasoning test comes down to excelling in reading comprehension. In our Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package, we deliver you 13 Verbal Reasoning Tests giving you 156 questions to solve!

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our Clerical Verbal Reasoning practice tests:

Verbal Reasoning

Clerical Error Checking Proficiency Test

The Clerical Error Checking component of the Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package includes the following tests:

  • Error checking: 6 tests amounting to 90 questions.

Error checking tests provide the employing organization with information about a candidate’s general ability to quickly identify any errors in complex data. Error checking tests are designed to assess your attention to detail while overloaded with information. Your speed and accuracy skills are put to the sword while visual clutter clouds your thought processes. Error checking tests demand a high level of concentration because they require the comparison of data sets that contain a lot of numerical and letter-based information while only minute differences set them apart from each other. 

With the Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package, you will be granted access to Clerical 6 Error checking tests and over 90 questions!

By clicking the image below you can practice 10 free questions of our error checking practice tests

Clerical Situational Judgment Tests (SJT)

The Situational Judgment component of the Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package includes the following tests:

  • Situational Judgment: 12 tests amounting to 204 questions

Situational judgment tests provide the employer with information about your general capability to choose the most appropriate action in typical workplace situations. These tests are equipped to gauge your ability to handle situations and tackle real-life problems that you may encounter while doing your clerical duties. In our Clerical Aptitude Preparation Package, we provide you with 12 Situational Judgment Tests, amounting to 204 questions!

What Job Skills do you need for Clerical Work?


Clerical workers, need to be sharp, fast and focused. A lack of attention to detail and not double/triple-checking your work can have severe financial consequences for the organization. Wasting time by having to filter out all the rushed mistakes will cost you in the long run. Try to strike a balance between speed and accuracy. 


Efficiency can only be maintained when you are concentrated on the task at hand and have clear-mindedness. Ensure that you have a structured plan and overview that makes the work that you need to do as efficient as possible. 

Time management

Clerical workers need to stay level-headed when confronted with multiple tasks that are due to be finished on a tight time schedule. The administrative work that needs to be done has to be prioritized efficiently to align with the organization’s needs and your time has to be managed accordingly.


with different clerical work in contention for your attention and the necessity to make quick turns in a tumultuous environment, you have to become organized and structured.


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments” -Jim Rohne. If you want to succeed and grow when confronted with doing mundane tasks, self-discipline is the fuel that keeps you moving forward. Often discipline is mistaken with motivation. Motivation is fleeting and based on emotions but self-discipline will bring you forward as you cross off all other stationery options.

Who uses Clerical Aptitude Tests?

Recruitment companies and many renowned employers use Clerical aptitude tests. Initially, it is used to screen potential future employees to establish an approximate baseline of their administrative skills. In the digital age, the value of exceptionally skilled clerical personnel is more vital than ever. Small errors in an excel spreadsheet, a (financial) report, or a datasheet can lead to dire financial consequences and misfortunes. To emphasize the point, a “fat finger”  error which created a misplaced hyphen in a piece of code, caused a NASA rocket to explode in 1962. Or how about the case that a misplaced decimal placing cost a Japanese brokerage firm called Mizuho Securities over $ 225 million.

An excellent clerical worker can be invaluable to a company and they are also rewarded handsomely for their error-rejecting eyes. If you have to take a clerical aptitude test as part of the application process, the amount of practice, time, and effort that you put into your assessment training the test will be the determining factor of your success.

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Clerical Aptitude Test Preparation Package

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