Odd One Out Test

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Odd One Out Test

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5 tests 50 questions

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What is the Odd One Out Test?

Our tailor-made Odd One Out Test Package, created by our team of business psychologists and psychometric test experts consists of 5 tests with over 50 questions in total!

The Odd One Out Test assesses your capacity to differentiate between and derive patterns from a combination and multitude of different objects, shapes, lines, sizes, numbers, and shadings. The meaning of the odd one out test is to determine which figure is the most different from the rest and does not follow a logical pattern like is the case with the other figures. The odd one out test assesses a combination of abstract and deductive reasoning and is a specialized non-verbal test of fluid intelligence. With modern fluid intelligence tests like the Odd One Out and more classical fluid intelligence tests like Raven’s Progressive Matrices, the ability to utilize fast-twitch reasoning fibres, abstract thinking, and problem-solving are independent of the person’s acquired knowledge.

Although fluid intelligence has the tendency to peak in a person’s early ’20s you can train your brain to refrain from cognitive decline. Even more so, you can improve your fluid intelligence through means of cognitive training as can be seen with brain games, but also with intelligence tests like the Odd One Out test!

We offer you our no-strings-attached Odd One Out FREE Test where you can fill in 3 questions and we provide you with instant feedback on how well you performed and how you rank against others! Click on the link or image below to start your free test right now!

With the purchase of our tailor-made Odd One Out Package, we offer you 5 Odd One Out Tests packed with a total of 50 questions, worked solutions, and explanations to accelerate your learning curve and score higher on your assessment.

How to Ace the Odd One Out Test

Practice is the main key towards unlocking your fluid intelligence potential. It is not only about how much time you practice but also the quality of your practice. We offer you full worked solutions where you can go through the questions to find out what the correct line of reasoning would have been to reach the correct answer.

Here are some tips to approach the odd-one-out type questions in a methodologically structured sense. Ensure that you go through this quick mental checklist to make sure you hit the ground running as the test is usually constrained by time.

  • Start counting: are the objects and shapes in the figures even or uneven? Or are there an x number of shape sides (triangle, rectangle, pentagon, etc) in the figure? Does that number progressively become more or less? These are the type of questions you have to ask yourself.
  • Word groups: The Odd One Out Test also has a verbal comprehension component to it, in the sense that you will be presented with 5 different words or combinations of letters and it is your task to figure out which does not belong. You will have to find higher-order categories that these words belong to. Are four out of 5 animals carnivorous (tiger, snake, crocodile, vulture) and is one of them a bear? A bear is an omnivore that eats both meat and plants. 
  • Size matters: The shape and size of the figures are an important and distinctive feature within the Odd One Out Test. Do the objects become increasingly large or decreasingly small? Are there shapes within shapes and how
  • Rotation matters: Do the figures rotate clockwise or counterclockwise? Is there a multiplicative increase in rotation across the figures? Do some shapes rotate in a different direction than others in a figure?
  • Colours and shadings matter: The colours and shading can change between AND within figures.

Which Companies Use the Odd One Out Test?

The Odd One Out Test is a standard psychometric test element that is utilized in the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT). This is the most popular and widely used test in the US and renowned across the world for its consistency and accuracy. Some bigger companies that use the Odd One Out Test are the well-established Vista Equity Partners, Crossover, Powerschool, Vertafore, Datto, and Finastra.

What Can We Offer You To Help You Ace Your Odd One Out Assessment?

Assessment-Training.com is the well-established market leader within the online assessment preparation and training industry. With our focus and unbroken energy directed towards Research and Development, we have created the best assessment practice tests and exercises that the psychometric assessment industry has to offer. Next to this, our Innovative IT team has come up with an interactive state-of-the-art e-learning platform that empowers you to rock your Odd One Out Assessment Test!

Assessment-training.com can guide you towards acing the Odd One Out Test. Our tenured team of psychometric business psychologist masterminds has years of experience designing tests for large publishers like CEB/Gartner(SHL), Kenexa (IBM), Saville Assessment, Thomas International, and Talent Q. To help you master the Odd One Out test in 2021, our committed team of business psychologists, delved into the assessment material and crafted the most suitable and representative questions which will be akin to the actual Odd One Out assessment. Our Odd One Out Assessment Test Preparation Package will give you access to 5 tests with 50 questions in total!

Our mission is to help you land your dream job by means of making practice for your assessment goal-oriented, accessible, transparent, and efficient. Let us help you beat the odds! Squeeze everything out of your Odd One Out Test in order to saturate your fluid intelligence levels. Lets, face it, practice makes perfect, we can help you ace it!

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Odd One Out

The Odd One Out Test Package includes 5 tests with 50 questions in total! Test your Abstract Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning skills as you will need ...
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