Preparation Package for SHL*

Full-length practice tests featuring questions, answers, tips and tricks to prepare for the actual test. Practice now, track your scores and ace it! *NOTE: We are not related to SHL!
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  • 80 Tests
  • 1357 Questions
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  • Suitable for preparing for CEB/Gartner, SHL, Cubiks, Kenexa, RANRA, Saville, Talent Q, TalentLens, Watson Glaser and more!
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  • Detailed instructions and worked solutions for every question
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Assessment practice for SHL*

SHL is a global psychometric test publisher, talent measurement consultancy, and occupational psychology specialist. SHL operates in over 30 languages and has a presence in over 50 countries. They have assessed over 8 million candidates and delivered more than 40 million assessments last year alone. Numerous Fortune 500 companies, FTSE 100 corporations as well as SME’s are among their clients.

At we offer extensive Preparation Packages to practice for SHL, Cubiks, Cut-e, Kenexa, Hudson, Thomas International, Harver, CEB/Gartner, Watson Glaser and many more assessment publishers!

Through practice, you will be able to score higher on your aptitude test, which in turn will increase the chances of you securing the job! We will help you to ace your assessment. 

The Preparation Package for an SHL assessment consists of the following tests:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
  • Inductive Reasoning Test
  • Reading Comprehension Test
  • Deductive Reasoning Test
  • Calculation Test
  • SJT
  • Error Checking Test

In addition, with our Personal Progress Tracking System, you will be able to keep track of your performance and compare yourself with your norm group.

*NOTE: is not related or affiliated with SHL. 

Numerical Reasoning Test preparation

Verbal Reasoning Test preparation

Inductive Reasoning Test preparation

Reading Comprehension Test preparation

Deductive Reasoning Test preparation

Calculation Test preparation

Situational Judgement Test preparation

Error Checking Test preparation

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