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Abstract Reasoning Test

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9 tests 72 questions

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What is Abstract Reasoning?

Abstract reasoning is the process of abstracting or extracting information from a given logic problem. It's an important skill for anyone who needs to think abstractly, which includes most people in today's society. We will discuss how abstract reasoning works and what you can do to improve your abstract reasoning skills!

The meaning of Abstract Reasoning may be elusive but in essence, boils down to the capacity to analyze non-verbal visual information in which patterns must be uncovered and reconfigured to formulate logical inferences that can be tested. Abstract Reasoning is a measure for fluid intelligence which entails the ability to have sharp and fast reasoning while being able to unravel, incorporate and rearrange new information to create practical and often unique solutions by using lateral and flexible thinking. Candidates that are good at Abstract Reasoning, are able to solve complex unfamiliar problems, largely independent of prior knowledge and beliefs. 

An Abstract Reasoning test is a central pillar and integral part of any psychometric test and consists of non-verbal questions that depict a multitude of potentially related visual images, shapes, and concepts. Such a test will have questions of varying difficulty levels and the total number of questions that you are able to solve is not the only important factor, the time in which you are able to complete the test is also of importance. Abstract Reasoning tests have much in common with logical reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, and inductive reasoning tests. All these tests are included in our All Test Package to help you ease worries and anxieties about your tests scores.

Abstract Reasoning Example

Now that we have deconstructed the concept of Abstract Reasoning into something that can be unravelled in a structured and communicable way, let's put the knowledge to the test with an Abstract Reasoning Practice Question!


The right answer to the example question above is D.

From left to right, the arrow rotates each column 45 degrees clockwise.

For more Abstract Reasoning free test questions click on the link or image above to gain access to 8 questions with worked solutions!

You will need to arrive well prepared and do your due diligence with regards to assessments as it was shown that over 75% of large organizations rely on assessment tests for external hiring and this number is expected to rise to almost 90%. In order to stand out from the crowd and to belong in the 15% of candidates that pass the pre-employment assessment round, you will have to polish your Abstract Reasoning skills. 

With our e-learning environment, personal progression system, worked solutions, and explanations, you will excel and become proficient with assessments. Strive to optimize your test score, and your ambition will guide you along the rest of the way. Our Abstract Reasoning Test consists of 9 tests and 72 questions packed with worked solutions. For further, questions, examples and practice tests, keep on reading!

Abstract Reasoning Examples and Solutions

Abstract reasoning tests are designed to be challenging are constrained by time and questions increase in difficulty. There are several types and formats of Abstract Reasoning questions but the common denominator is that you will be presented with:

  • A combination and variety of different shapes and figures, such as circles, squares arrows, cylinders. 
  • Shapes/figures can rotate. Either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Shapes may move places within and between figures of the grid. This can be a specific number of steps on the x-y axis.
  • Figures may change in shape, size, or even both.
  • Filings of the figures may change. the fillings may have a different number, rotation, and even position between cells.

Let's put the Abstract Reasoning Tips to the test with some more Abstract Reasoning practice examples with explanations.

Abstract Reasoning Examples

abstract reasoning test

The correct answer is B.

Rule 1: The filling alternates horizontally and vertically from right to left in the grid.

Rule 2: On the horizontal plane the geometric shape that has a filling moves clockwise between cells from left to right.

Rule 3: On the vertical plane, there is a multiplicative factor of how many positions the filling moves clockwise. With the triangle, the shape with the filling only moves one shape clockwise. With the square, it moves two shapes clockwise. With the star shape, the filling moves four positions clockwise.

And how about this Abstract reasoning example?

abstract reasoning example

The correct answer is C.

Rule 1: From left to right the cells with the arrows alternate between three and two arrows per cell.

Rule 2: After every full alternation cycle, the arrows rotate 90 degrees clockwise.

Rule 3: The fillings of the cells with three arrows move down two places between cells from left to right.

If you haven't done so yet, click on the images to open up a new tab with our FREE Abstract Reasoning practice test and otherwise keep on reading to find out how to significantly improve your Abstract Reasoning Test results!

How To Improve Abstract Reasoning Test

Doing your due diligence in preparation for the Abstract Reasoning test is the most important step in preparation for any aptitude test. If you know what to expect you will increase your chances of performing well due to the fact that you’re familiar with the formats. Also, by practising aptitude tests you will be guaranteed to score better on tests. A review of over 50 scientific studies proved that you can increase your assessment test scores by up to 35% in a matter of days when you are fully engaged in a couple of well-structured, focused, and productive practice sessions. But remember, perfect practice, makes perfect the studies showed that practice boosts performance for assessment tests through means of:

1. Decreasing anxiety

2. Practice increases automatic access to proven-test-taking strategies when the pressure intensifies during timed tests.

3. Neuroscientific evidence shows that brain-training programs such as can be found on our e-learning platform enhance your focus and ability to identify the correct patterns.

How to solve Abstract Reasoning Tests

These effective Abstract Reasoning test-taking tips and tricks should be automatically accessible during your test, so remember them! They are: 

  • Be wary of 'distractors' Read the question and instructions properly. Multiple-choice tests use so-called ‘distractors’ as answer possibilities. These distractors are answer options that are deliberately similar to the right answer.
  • Start counting: are the objects and shapes in the figures even or uneven? Or are there an x number of shape sides (triangle, rectangle, pentagon, etc) in the figure? Does that number progressively become more or less? These are the type of questions you have to ask yourself.
  • Size, Rotation, Colours, and shadings matter: ask yourself these types of questions, do the objects become increasingly large or decreasingly small? Are there shapes within shapes and how do they differ between cells? Do the figures rotate clockwise or counterclockwise? Is there a multiplicative increase in rotation across the figures? Do some shapes rotate in a different direction than others in a figure? How do the colours and shadings within and between figures change?
  • develop a (mental) checklist of strategies to solve the questions. Remember the list of possible rules discussed above. This can help you to work more methodically on the test. If needed, write the discovered rules down.
  • Tests usually have tight time constraints: set up a plan on how long you want to spend on a question until you move to the next one and stick to it. Some questions are harder than others and wasting your time without solving one is detrimental to your test scores.
  • Be prepared with a pen and a piece of paper when doing the online test as often you are allowed to use scrap paper.
  • Try to focus on one rule at a time. 

Why practice Assessment tests at Assessment-training.com?

Practice for your actual assessment increases the chance to pass your assessment. The best thing you can do is to practice at least a month before your actual assessment. This will help you get used to abstract reasoning questions and how the test is designed. Additionally, knowing your abstract thinking strengths or weaknesses can allow you to prepare with specific training before taking a test. Some people have an easier time identifying patterns in abstract problems while others are better at solving spatial problems.

Assessment-Training.com is the well-established market leader within the online assessment preparation and training industry. With our focus and unbroken energy directed towards Research and Development, we have created the best assessment practice tests and exercises that the psychometric assessment industry has to offer. Next to this, our Innovative IT team has come up with an interactive state-of-the-art e-learning platform that empowers you to rock your Abstract Reasoning Assessment Test!

Assessment-training.com can guide you towards acing the Abstract Reasoning test. Our tenured team of psychometric business psychologist masterminds has years of experience designing tests for large publishers like CEB/Gartner(SHL), Kenexa (IBM), Saville Assessment, Thomas International, and Talent Q. To help you master the Abstract Reasoning test in 2021, our committed team of business psychologists, delved into the assessment material and crafted the most suitable and representative questions which will be akin to the actual Abstract Reasoning assessment. Our Abstract Reasoning Assessment Test Preparation Package will give you access to 9 tests with 72 questions in total!

Our mission is to help you land your dream job by means of making practice for your assessment goal-oriented, accessible, transparent, and efficient. Let us help you beat the odds! Squeeze everything out of your Abstract Reasoning Test and top of your level of fluid intelligence to the brim. Lets, face it, practice makes perfect, we can help you ace it!

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Abstract Reasoning

This test measures your problem-solving and non-verbal skills. It assesses your ability to interpret patterns or the relationship between shapes.
  • 9 Tests
  • 72 Questions
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