Talent Q

About Talent Q

Talent Q was established in 2006 by Roger Holdsworth (co-founder of SHL). Talent Q is a publisher of online psychometric assessments and training programs, but also offers consultancy services. Talent Q offer their solutions all over the world and their tests are available in over 40 languages. Clients of Talent Q include RBS, Citi Group, Royal Mail, Volkswagen, Carlsberg and BT.

Talent Q Aptitude Tests

Talent Q offers several online assessments and psychometric tests, which can be tailored to the needs of a client organization and a specific job role. They are used across all sectors functions and graduate, professional and managerial levels. The most commonly used Talent Q aptitude tests used by recruiters are: 

Elements Logical

The Talent Q Elements Logical test assesses a candidate's inductive/logical reasoning ability by measuring their skills in working flexibly with unfamiliar information and finding solutions. This test typically lasts around 6 minutes. 

Elements Numerical

The Talent Q Elements Numerical test assesses a candidate's numerical reasoning ability and their understanding of tables of numerical data as well as their ability to make logical deductions. The data is presented in the form of graphs, tables and diagrams. This test typically lasts around 10 minutes. 

Elements Verbal

The Talent Q Elements Verbal test assesses a candidate's ability to read, understand and interpret written information and ability to evaluate arguments about this information. This test typically lasts around 8 minutes. 

Talent Q Personality Tests

Talent Q publishes personality and competency-based screening questionnaires that are used to assess whether a candidate's competencies and skills match with that of the employing organization. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers; it's all about your own personal preferences. Approach the questionnaire with an open mind, think carefully and respond honestly. Talent Q personality tests include:

Talent Q Aspects

The Talent Q Aspects personality test is completed via an online assessment system, and includes a series of statements about behavior at work. Participants are required to rate each statement, indicating how true the statement is about their behavior at work, or in other relevant situations. The Aspects test is a competency-based assessment and is frequently used for high volume recruitment. The test is relatively short and is only 8 minutes long. 

Talent Q Dimensions

The Talent Q Dimensions personality test is also completed via an online assessment system, and includes of series of statements to measure your behavioral preferences at work. The test is an in-depth personality assessment and lasts typically around 25 minutes. It is often used during the later stages of the recruitment process.

Talent Q Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)

The Talent Q Situational Judgement test, also called SJTs, is designed to measure a variety of factors required to be successful in a specific job role within the employing organization. The test is customized to reflect the required competencies and specific scenarios faced. SJTs can be used to measure criteria such as key competencies, organizational values, culture fit, motivation, preferred behavior and attitude. 

Preparing for a Talent Q Test 

Assessment-Training.com offers various verbal, logical, inductive and numerical tests that allow you to practice and prepare yourself before undertaking a Talent Q test. By practicing these tests you will familiarize yourself with the different formats and maximize your chances of acing your assessment.

Please note that Assessment-Training.com's practice packs are generic packs aimed at helping candidates for the actual assessment aptitude tests. Assessment-Training.com and its products are not affiliated with the discussed test publisher.