About Kenexa

Kenexa, an IBM Company, is an international psychometric test publisher, psychology consultancy, and talent measurement specialist. In 1987, Kenexa began providing recruitment services and through international expansion and several acquisitions it came to offer many services in the talent management sector. Kenexa holds over 30 offices around the world, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Kenexa Aptitude Tests

Kenexa has an extensive portfolio of assessment and psychometric tests, which can be tailored to the needs of a client organization and a specific job role. The most commonly used IBM Kenexa aptitude tests used by recruiters are:

Kenexa Numerical Reasoning test

The Kenexa Numerical Reasoning test is part of the 'Advance' series. The Numerical test requires candidates to answer questions using information and data provided in tables, diagrams, and charts. Depending on the job level, this test typically lasts between 20 to 35 minutes. 

Kenexa Verbal Reasoning test

The Kenexa Verbal Reasoning test is, just as the Numerical Reasoning test, part of the 'Advance' series. This test is used to assess a candidate's ability to read and interpret written information. The Verbal test requires candidates to answer questions using information contained in passages of the test. It is a multiple choice test where candidates are given three options to choose from: 'True,' 'False' or 'Cannot Say' which need to be determined based upon the information contained in the passage. Depending on the job level, this test typically lasts between 18 to 25 minutes.  

Kenexa Logical Reasoning test

This test is used to assess a candidate's ability to analyze and draw conclusions from diagrammatically presented data. Based on the given information the candidate is required to find the missing pattern in the sequence. The Kenexa Logical Reasoning test is rarely administered as a standalone test. Recruiters will use this test alongside the earlier discussed Kenexa Numerical Reasoning test and Kenexa Verbal Reasoning test.  

Kenexa Job fit

The Kenexa Job Fit assessment tool is designed to identify candidates whose job preferences match the characteristics of the specific job. This test may likely be encountered during early stages of the recruitment process. 

Kenexa Performance Indicators (KPI) Assessment

This Kenexa tool is a set of tools that predict a candidates likelihood of to be engaged in their work, team oriented, customer focused, safety conscious and capable of driving organizational success through sales functions. The Kenexa Performance Indicators Assessment also assess whether potential job candidates are likely to stay with the organization, be more prone to turnover once hired or engage in a counter-productive behavior. 

Kenexa Prove It!

Kenexa Prove It! is a platform that offers assessments in a variety of different fields and skill sets. It offers over 1,500 validated assessments that can range from basic to advanced levels in a variety of topics, such as accounting, financial, healthcare, industrial and legal environments.

Preparing for a Kenexa Test offers various verbal, logical, inductive and numerical tests that allow you to practice and prepare yourself before undertaking a Kenexa test. By practicing these tests, you will familiarize yourself with the different formats and maximize your chances of acing your assessment.

Please note that's practice packs are generic packs aimed at helping candidates for the actual assessment aptitude tests. and its products are not affiliated with the discussed test publisher.