Tips to Pass a Logical Reasoning Test

What are Logical Reasoning Tests?

Logical reasoning tests may be employed by certain companies and organizations as a part of their assessment centres along with other types of tests and exercises. Some job positions in these organizations may require employees to have excellent logical judgment and decision-making skills to tackle various work situations. The logical tests may be specifically designed to highlight the extent of these abilities required for the job position and select the candidate who is the most suited for the job.

Logical reasoning tests usually consist of sets of figures, numbers, words or diagrams that follow a given sequence along with another set of probable answer choices. You are required to identify the pattern and its flow among the given figures and determine the one that will fit into the sequence perfectly from the available answer choices.

Example of what a logical reasoning test looks like:

Acing a Logical Reasoning Test

Your performance in a logical reasoning test may depend on your analytical, logical, and decision-making skills. Knowledge is important but it plays a lesser role in these tests, as compared to other exams included in the assessment centres. Nevertheless, you will perform your best and outshine in a logical reasoning test by considering a few aspects that are mentioned below:

  • Knowing all aspects of the test

As a candidate, you should know different question types that may be present in the logical test conducted by a business organization. A logical reasoning test may have different sections each of which may have a particular category of questions. These may include diagrammatic, inductive and deductive sections among others. You should be aware of all these categories and ensure that you have practised these ample times before appearing for the real test. Asking the person handling the communication with the candidates about the structure of the logical test and a sample predicting what to expect in the test may help you be aware of all the aspects of the test, and prepare and strategize accordingly.

  • Dividing the time available

Candidates appearing in logical reasoning tests conducted by different companies may be asked to answer all the given questions in a fixed duration of time. In such circumstances, every second is important and efficient usage of the time at hand becomes a necessity. You should divide the time available appropriately among all the questions. If a test contains questions of varying difficulty, more time should be allocated to the laborious sections while the easier sections should be finished quickly. In case each of the test questions is allotted separate time, it should be optimally utilized by you without rushing through. The pace of the test should then be generous for making full use of the available time.

  • Learning techniques to solve questions faster

Different kinds of questions in a logical reasoning test may be solved correctly and efficiently by making use of techniques that are suited to them. If there are deductive reasoning questions included, you may make use of methods like Venn diagrams to solve these faster. For figurative questions, you should use an elimination process to strike out the least probable solutions first. By investing time in these techniques beforehand and practising them regularly, you may give a boost to your performance in the tests.

  • Deducing answer before referring to given choices

You may have a habit of analyzing the answer choices first and then matching each answer to the given sequence of figures in the questions. This methodology is ill-advised as this manner of approaching the question will be harder and require more time because every answer option will have to be compared to the given sequence. A better technique is first analyzing the given question and then trying to infer the right answer without referring to the available options. This helps you to be aware of what you are looking for in an answer and find the right solution while discarding the wrong ones quickly.

  • Strategizing for the tests

Before appearing for the logical reasoning tests, you should strategize the way you will attempt the test. Getting acquainted with the structure of the test may help you a lot. You should decide the maximum time and effort that you may afford to spend on a question before moving on while strategizing. Having a preplanned strategy for approaching the logical reasoning tests may ensure that you will feel positive about the test and be self-assured on the day of the test.

  • Practising

Practising logical reasoning tests regularly may help you feel confident on the test day and give your best. Regularly practising the test may help you recognize your weak and strong areas to improve upon these. There are multiple sample tests available online. If you have practised sample tests properly, you will be familiar with their format and so you will be confident while taking the tests.

You may appear for the logical reasoning tests either online or offline. Different organizations may use either of these mediums depending on their preferences and the costs involved. So, you should know the mode of the test before taking the test.

By timing yourself against a clock while you practice sample logical reasoning tests, you will be able to analyze your performance and strive to improve upon it day by day. This may also improve your speed of answering questions over time in the exam aside from boosting your logical and analytical abilities.

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Logical Reasoning

Assesses your ability to identify relationships, patterns, and trends in a series of images that follow a logical sequence or underlying rules.
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  • 150 Questions
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Logical Reasoning

Assesses your ability to identify relationships, patterns, and trends in a series of images that follow a logical sequence or underlying rules.
  • 15 Tests
  • 150 Questions
  • One-off payment