Can you prepare for an aptitude test and assessment center?

Can you prepare for an aptitude test and assessment center?

Psychometric tests are employed by some companies to evaluate the level of intelligence, skills and abilities, and behavioural and personality traits of potential future employees. These tests may help companies choose the right candidate from multiple applicants. From the numerous categories of psychometric tests, aptitude and personality tests are most commonly used.

Aptitude tests usually include questions that relate to logical and verbal reasoning, analysis and recognition of patterns, figures and numbers, and error recognition and correction capabilities of the candidates. These tests come in different formats and can also have different structures. There are for instance adaptive tests that adapt to the candidate’s level of intelligence during the test. Aptitude tests are usually strictly timed and correctly answering as many questions as possible is key to success. To ace, these tests regular and intensive practice is a necessity.

Personality tests are taken to determine a candidate’s work values, how they fit into the company culture of the recruiting organization and how they behave as a team member. There are several personality tests out there and the specific usage of one of these tests may be tailored to the position where the candidate is applying to.

How regular practice increases performance in psychometric tests and assessment centres

Regularly practising different categories of the psychometric tests will help an individual master them and give their best performance during their real assessment.

  • Building up of speed

Considering the timed nature of the tests, it is necessary to be efficient and fast to answer as many questions correctly as possible. By practising aptitude tests under time pressure, you will see that the more you practice, the more efficient you will work through the questions and you will spot patterns, sequences, and solutions quicker. The test simulations on are based on real aptitude tests and can be practised under time pressure. The personal progress tracking system in your account will help you evaluate your progress and stimulate you into practising even more.

In cases of analysis and problem recognition tasks assigned in case studies, presentations or role-play exercises, speed will play an important factor in arriving at a decision faster. Regular practice will familiarize you with the analysis of memo’s, emails, charts and graphs that you may be presented with during the assessment.

  • Prioritising questions

As said earlier, there are different types of psychometric tests out there. Some use adaptive technologies while other have equal marks assigned to each of the questioned, irrespective of their difficulty levels. These tests are usually designed in such a way that only a handful of the participants can answer all the questions in the given time. Therefore, don’t panic if you do not finish all the questions within the given time limits. Regular practice of the tests may familiarize an individual with different types of questions and formats. This knowledge will help you on your assessment day as you will be able to identify the questions that will take more time to answer and the questions that will take less time to answer. This is especially the case by presentation and case study exercises. By prioritizing these questions, you will be able to get a higher score due to working more efficiently.

  • Building confidence

With regular practice, you will get more confident because you can work more efficient through questions because you are familiar with the materials that you will be presented with during the real assessment day. With this element of uncertainty removed and experience with performing tests under time pressure, you will see that you will approach the real tests with improved confidence and self-assurance. This will help you calm your nerves and perform the best that you can.

  • Practising regularly

As discussed earlier, regular practice of aptitude test and assessment centre exercises, such as presentations and case studies, will help you perform better under time pressure. Also, by familiarizing yourself with the different formats, you will be able to work more efficiently and extract important information quicker. However, these skills cannot be mastered overnight and will require regular intensive practice.

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The data science team found that candidates increased their scoring accuracy through practice and went into their assessments more confident. Remember, you need to practice to make sure you familiarize yourself with the test formats, work on your accuracy and experience performing under time pressure.

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