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About Saville Consulting

Saville Consulting, a Towers Watson company, is an international assessment business working with organizations to identify, select and develop talented individuals and teams. The company was founded by Professor Peter Saville (co-founder of SHL) in 2004. The company is a major player in test publishing market and their tests are used by a wide array of companies, from corporations to small and medium enterprises.

Saville Consulting Aptitude Tests

Saville Consulting publishes various psychometric ability tests including numerical, diagrammatic, error checking, verbal, abstract and mechanical aptitude tests that are used for candidate screening purposes and at assessment centers. Due to the fact that the founder of Saville Consulting also co-founded SHL, the Saville Consulting psychometric tests may appear to some candidates as similar to SHL tests. The most commonly used Saville Consulting aptitude tests used by recruiters are:

Diagrammatic reasoning test

Diagrammatic reasoning tests are used to assess an individual's ability to evaluate processes represented through diagrams. The test measures the ability to analyse and draw conclusions from the given diagrammatic data. This test typically lasts around 24 minutes. 

Error Checking aptitude test

Error checking tests are used to assess an individual's aptitude for working with details and ability to check the correctness of transposed information. Candidates will be provided with two sets of transposed data, with one set containing errors, which must be successfully identified by the candidate. This test typically lasts around 6 minutes. 

Mechanical reasoning test

Mechanical reasoning aptitude tests are used to assess mechanical understanding through items that present a problem with a number of possible answers. The Saville Consulting Mechanical test measures the understanding of mechanical problems, comprehending physical principles and estimating movement of objects. This test may be used for technical job positions such as engineers, designers and products workers. This test typically lasts around 12 minutes. 

Numerical reasoning test

Numerical reasoning aptitude tests are used to measure a candidate's numerical analysis skills and the ability to analyse and interpret numerical data. These tests are designed to assess the understanding of tables of statistical and numerical data, as well as the ability to make logical deductions. This test typically lasts around 24 minutes. 

Spatial reasoning test

The Saville Consulting Spatial reasoning test assesses te ability to apply spatial judgement and visualize objects from multiple angles. The candidate is required to solve rotational and transformation problems, visualize objects and identify a specific object that is different. The spatial reasoning test is commonly used in aptitude tests for job positions that require technical ability. This test typically lasts around 8 minutes. 

Verbal Comprehension test

The Verbal comprehension test measures the ability to comprehend written information. Candidates' are required to make logical deductions based on a provided section of text. The Saville Consulting Verbal Comprehension test usually contains a series of passages followed by questions which need to be answered based on the information presented. This test typically lasts around 16 minutes. 

Preparing for a Saville Consulting Test offers various verbal, logical, inductive and numerical tests that allow you to practice and prepare yourself before undertaking a Saville Consulting test. By practicing these tests you will familiarize yourself with the different formats and maximize your chances of acing your assessment.

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